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WATCH: Gazans on Corbyn: 'We hope he's more useful than the others'

MEE asked people in Gaza what they really thought of the British Labour Party leader
Jeremy Corbyn (R) pose for pictures following a press conference in Gaza with British politicians and singer Annie Lennox (AFP)

GAZA CITY, Occupied Palestinian Territories – Britain’s Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn stirs up strong feelings in many places around the UK, but it seems that he has also become a bit of a sensation in Gaza.

Corbyn came under fire last week when right-wing website claimed that a senior Hamas member had “welcomed” Corbyn’s statement that he would talk to the group, seen as a "terrorist organisation" by the US and UK as well as Israel, in order to bring about peace in the Middle East.

A few hours, later, however, Taher A-Nunu - the top Hamas figure who allegedly made the remarks - denied the whole incident. He told Middle East Eye that not only did he not make those comments about Corbyn, he never even spoke to a journalist from Breitbart Jerusalem.

MEE tried to reach the website for comment but repeated requests for a clarification were ignored. So instead, MEE took to the streets of Gaza to ask people what they thought.

Some thought Corbyn’s insistence that he wanted to speak to all sides, including Hamas and Hezbollah, was a sign of better things to come. Others said they could not trust any British politician no matter what they were proclaiming publicly.

Some said they had no idea who Corbyn was in the first place.