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WATCH: Syrian refugee sets up art studio in Zaatari refugee camp

Along with other artists in exile, Mahmoud al-Hariri started 'Art from Zaatari' to help Syrians 'hold on to the original Syria'
Syrian artist Mahmoud al-Hariri in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan (MEE/Abo Bakr al Haj Ali)

When Mahmoud al-Hariri, 26, fled his village in southern Syria with his family in 2013, his dreams of finishing his art training and teaching appeared dashed.

But three years later, Hariri and several other artists who also live in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan have formed an art collective - Art from Zaatari.

"My goal," said Hariri, "is to help Syrians committed to patriotism to help them hold onto their identity, hold on to the original Syria - Syria before the war - and help end the war through graphics."

"I try, through my drawings and sculptures, to make the world understand the reality of the Syrian struggle."