A lack of economic vision and an opaque business environment that favours the military is deterring potential investors

Chloe Teevan

Hundreds of thousands of people have reportedly been detained in Nazi-style concentration camps, where they are tortured and forced to denounce Islam

Gulnaz Uighur

Dual approach involves starving UNRWA of funding and trying to strip Palestinians of their refugee status

Kamel Hawwash

The crime has revived debate over how much influence the church should have over the social lives of Copts

Mina Thabet

From ancient Greece onward, the West has used the Eastern other as an enemy through which to identify itself

Marco Carnelos

The Labour leader's opponents don't care about anti-Semitism. They'll just do anything to remove Corbyn

David Hearst

Jeremy Corbyn has never ordered anyone's assassination. He's never ordered an invasion of a foreign country. Benjamin Netanyahu has

Richard Silverstein