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VIDEO: The sound of eastern Aleppo's empty streets

Followign the evacuation of residents from eastern Aleppo in December last year, the once beseiged enclave has become a ghost town. "All I can hear, in this deserted, destroyed street, in a deserted, destroyed area, in a ruined city is bird song," said BBC Middle East correspondent Jeremy Bowen in a video message posted on twitter this week.Bowen who is visiting east Aleppo this week, spoke about the destroyed buildings, homes and streets that have now been left behind. "In many years of covering wars, the only place that comes close in terms of sheer destruction, for me, is Grozny in Chechenya, in the former Soviet Union which the Russian army pounded during the 1990s," said Bowen."Apart from that I’ve seen nothing like this."He ends his report with a reminder that, while the war is over in eastern Aleppo, it continues elsewhere in Syria."This war is not over," says Bowen as the sound of bombs going off is heard in the background.