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Live blog update| Israel-Palestine war

Al-Shifa director tells Israeli military entering hospital will ‘terrify patients’

In a recorded conversation broadcast on Al Jazeera Arabic, al-Shifa Hospital director Munir al-Barsh is heard telling Israeli forces not to cause “hysteria and panic” in the hospital during the raid.

“There are many wounded patients inside and lots of people who are dead or close to death…if you enter the hospital it will terrify people, there are children and elderly, my primary concern is the patients,” he said.

“The hospital is filled with people from the first floor to the sixth, there are dialysis patients, patients who have burns,” he added.

The raid on the al-Shifa hospital has now been ongoing for around eight hours, with doctors interrogated and rooms search. 
Patients and displaced people sheltering in the hospital have been forced out, regardless of their condition. 

The Israeli military is maintaining that they are carrying out an operation against Hamas, however, no evidence has been presented to suggest Hamas is operating from the hospital.