A small army of advocates has argued that, without the crown prince, the kingdom - and the region - risks major instability. Surely, it's the other way round

David Hearst

The Khashoggi case has illustrated that the US and other Western countries must reassess their allies in the region and stop enabling despots over real, elected leaders

Zeynep Koç

By signing up to serve in the Israeli army and settling on Palestinian land, French citizens have been contributing to ongoing violations of international law

Hanine Hassan

For many Western governments today, the thought of Arabia without Sultans is unthinkable, yet business as usual, following Khashoggi's murder, is intolerable

Madawi Al-Rasheed

Enamoured Western media coverage catapulted 'Crown Prince charming' and other notorious regional human rights abusers into the role of 'modernising reformers'

Belen Fernandez

Western countries supported the military coup in Egypt and chose not to intervene in Syria. Are they about to fail another test of humanity?

Yehia Hamed