The Labour leader's opponents don't care about anti-Semitism. They'll just do anything to remove Corbyn

David Hearst

In addition to reducing government spending and restricting inflation, Ankara must learn to protect itself from turbulent US relationship

Basheer Nafi

If Iran becomes a failed state, the entire region from Afghanistan to Lebanon will become perilously unstable

Shahir Shahidsaless

Infused with sexism, Islamophobia and Orientalism, Naipaul’s works aimed to whitewash Western colonialism

Haidar Eid

Jeremy Corbyn has never ordered anyone's assassination. He's never ordered an invasion of a foreign country. Benjamin Netanyahu has

Richard Silverstein

As the level of frustration escalates, military repression may lead to the militarisation of Egypt's youth

Dalia Fahmy

A peace agreement between Gaza and Israel would widen the rift between the Palestinian factions and consolidate the fragmentation of the Palestinian territories

Safa Joudeh