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Live blog update| Israel-Palestine war

Details of the rescue of two Israeli captives emerges

Israeli security forces have rescued two captives held by Hamas in Gaza overnight Sunday that also resulted in scores of Palestinians being killed. 

The Israeli military has been working on the rescue of the two captives from Rafah "for a long time", according to Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari.

The two, Louis Norberto Har, 70, and Fernando Marman, 60, were taken from Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak on 7 October and were held in a second-floor apartment in Rafah.

They are reportedly in good condition and one Israeli soldier was injured in the operation.

"Conditions were not ripe to carry it out until now, and we waited for them to ripen," Hagari said. "Reaching the target in the heart of Rafah was very complex."

At least three of the captives' guards were killed in the operation, with Israeli forces breaking open the door to the apartment with an explosive device.

Palestinian health officials said at least 50 Palestinians, including women and children, were killed in Gaza during the operation from Israeli strikes.

Hagari said that the Israeli military arrived at the building located in Rafah’s Shabura neighbourhood at around 1 am and using explosive devices blew up the door. Gunfire was exchanged with gunmen in adjacent buildings when the captives were extracted.

"There was intense firepower from the air. Fire was opened from nearby buildings. The Air Force struck intensively there," said Hagari. "Many terrorists were eliminated tonight in this action," he added.