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Live blog update| Israel-Palestine war

Freed Palestinian prisoner says Israeli forces ‘beat, break bones and sexually assault’ in prisons

Ramzi al-Abbasi, a Palestinian prisoner who was released from an Israeli jail, described conditions inside the prisons in a video published on Wednesday.

“We have not seen sunlight for sixty days. We have had sixty days of beatings, in the morning, afternoon and evening. In the Negev, the prison has 3,000 Palestinians in it and has turned into a cemetery. Many of the prisoners have broken bones, some have broken hands or heads,” he said. 

“Mentally, and physically we are in a terrible state. This morning, I found I was being released today and I did not believe it, I still don’t,” he added.

He called on the Red Cross to visit the prisons and see for themselves the “beatings, broken bones and sexual assault, verbal abuse, urinating on the Quran, sleeping naked on the bare floor in the cold, no water and no food.”

“We weren't able to shower for 15 days, and I have been wearing the same top for 50 days, we had no hygiene items,” he added.