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Live blog update| Israel's war on Gaza

Irish Prime Minister compares Hamas to Irish Republican Army

Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris has criticised Israel’s government for “misrepresenting” the position of the Irish people after it lashed out at the country for recognising a Palestinian state.

“Any foreign ministry can call in any ambassador but what I will not tolerate is any country misrepresenting the position of the Irish people,” Harris said, after Israel’s government accused Ireland of rewarding terrorism.

Harris said Ireland was “clear and unequivocal” in condemning Hamas and 7 October.

"But it is entirely possible to say what I have just said and also say the next bit – which sadly some refuse to say – that what is happening in….Gaza, is a humanitarian catastrophe,” he added.

He also suggested that Palestinian identity had been “hijacked” by Hamas, which he compared to the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

“The Irish people know what it’s like to have their national identity hijacked by a terrorist organization. The IRA [Irish Republican Army] was never the people of Ireland, and Hamas is not the people of Palestine". 

The IRA waged a violent struggle against British rule in Northern Ireland.