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Live blog update| Israel's war on Gaza

Medical Aid for Palestinians accesses North Gaza for first time since October

British aid group Medical Aid for Palestinians has reported that its teams were able to deliver food aid to internally displaced people (IDP)  in northern Gaza for the first time since the war began.

"For the first time since October, and with thanks to your support, our #Gaza team has been able to deliver food parcels to people driven from their homes by the Israeli military in the north,"  the organisation posted on X, formerly Twitter.

"Starting from today, we are going to distribute in more than 14 IDP centres in the north of Gaza," Mahmoud Shalabi, from the charity's Gaza team, said.

The group would be distributing their usual parcels of hygiene kits, dignity kits, and clothes and children's toys, in addition to food, a first for the organisation.

He said that the parcels should be enough to sustain a medium-sized family for a week.