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Live blog update| Israel-Palestine war

Rights group calls on Arab countries to withdraw from Abraham Accords

The rights group Democracy for the Arab World Now (Dawn) is urging the governments of the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco to withdraw from the US-brokered normalisation agreement with Israel over its military campaign in Gaza.

"The UAE and other signatories to the Abraham Accords should take responsibility for emboldening Israel into believing that it can wantonly bombard and massacre Palestinians with no consequence to its standing in the region,” Sarah Leah Whitson, Dawn's executive director, said in a statement.

“Continued adherence to the Abraham Accords signals that the UAE and other Accords signatories are still supporting Israel and rewarding it with commitments for economic and trade development and, most shocking of all, military coordination."

The rights group also called those countries, in addition to Egypt and Jordan which normalised ties with Israel prior to the 2020 normalisation agreement, to end all military coordination with Israel.

Further, Dawn has called on all Arab countries hosting US military bases to "publicly declare that they will not permit the US to use these bases to supply weapons to or provide protection for Israeli forces" amid the war in Gaza.