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Live blog update| Israel-Palestine war

Sanctioned Israeli settlers can still access bank accounts

Earlier this month, the Biden administration issued an executive order that imposed sanctions on Israeli settlers in the West Bank who engaged in violence against Palestinians.

The move was seen as a message to the far-right elements of Israeli society, which have been pushing to increase settlements in the occupied West Bank — those settlements are deemed illegal under international law.

The US Treasury Department has now sent a letter telling the Bank of Israel that it would not be exposed to sanctions risks if it provides blocked individuals or entities with "basic human needs", does not involve the US financial institutions, and does not involve any other individuals facing American sanctions other than the ones listed under the executive order.

"The guidance applies only to basic transactions involving basic sustenance and does not include large payments or expenses beyond basic living expenses or the kind of crowdfunding support that we have seen extremists use to raise funds internationally," the letter said, as reported by Haaretz.