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Analysis: Likud elements helped strikers

Much of Israel ground to a halt on Monday after the union chief called for a general strike. Lily Galili writes from Tel Aviv:

Yoav Gallant’s sacking prompted Likud members and voters to participate in the protests in large numbers for the first time. They share the defence minister’s fear that Israel’s security is at stake.

This was also the sentiment that finally brought in Histadrut, Israel’s largest trade union, which joined the struggle by announcing a historic general strike, including hospitals, universities and the main Israeli gateway, Ben-Gurion airport.

It could not have been achieved without the behind-the-scenes support of the federation of local authorities, most of them headed by Likud representatives, as well as the airport workers committee, a known Likud stronghold.

This is of utmost political significance with still-obscure implications on the future.