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Live blog update| Israeli judicial crisis

Analysis: Pressure on all sides before rival protests

From Tel Aviv, prominent Israeli journalist Lily Galili delivers her analysis ahead of right-wing counterprotests expected this evening:

Tension grows as 6pm in Israel approaches. This is the hour for that masses of supporters of the judicial reforms will confront opponents of the legislation.

It’s not the usual, natural friction: right-wing MPs are summoning their most violent supporters as frustration grows at the probability the reforms may not get through.

“Probable” only because Benjamin Netanyahu is yet to appear in public and make a decision one way or another following last night’s aggressive protests.

In the background, the Biden administration is putting pressure on Netanyahu to halt the legislation. Also behind closed doors is National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, making every effort to force Netanyahu to stay the course, holding the threat of resignation and the eventual unravelling of the government high over his head.

As people prepare for rival protests, “civil war” is a term once again being used by Israel’s anxious leaders and observers.