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Live blog update| Aqsa Fallout

Anger rises in Jerusalem

Dov Green, a 20-year-old American who has been studying in Jerusalem for two years said:

“Again, and again and again a terrorist attack. It’s not something new even, it’s another terrorist attack. It’s not even a shock any more. These things happen once every two weeks, every three weeks.

“The community is very angry and is also very angry with the government which doesn’t do enough. Like what happened just happened two weeks ago, again even in the same area. The government should be more strict, I mean, I don’t know what they should do. I would say they should take more radical action in the radical areas, which include Silwan, and Shuafat. They should send them to Gaza or to Jordan, somewhere out of Israel, they shouldn’t be able to just take a car and attack.”

Further protests by right-wing groups are now expected to take place this evening, at the site of the attacks.