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Live blog update| Morocco earthquake

French aid controversy

Morocco has accepted aid offers from Spain, the UK, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, but offers from other countries, such as former colonial overlord France, have not been accepted yet.

There has been some controversy about why Rabat has not accepted French aid yet, and what the delay might mean.

The relationship between Paris and Rabat has been tense in recent years. Morocco wants France to recognise the contested Western Sahara as part of Morocco, which Paris has avoided doing.

In February, Morocco recalled its ambassador from France and has not filled the vacancy.

“This is a misplaced controversy,” France’s Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna said over the weekend when asked why the Moroccans had not accepted French aid.

King Mohammed VI of Morocco has thanked Spain, Qatar, the UK and the UAE for sending help in the wake of the devastating earthquake.

“We are ready to help Morocco. It’s a sovereign Moroccan decision and it’s up to them to decide,” said Colonna.

Moroccan authorities say they are assessing aid offers because "a lack of coordination could be counterproductive".