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Live blog update| Occupation

Israeli forces begin to withdraw from Jenin

Israeli forces began to withdraw late on Tuesday from the Palestinian city of Jenin after carrying out one of the biggest military operations in the occupied West Bank in years, several news outlets reported citing Israeli sources.

"Israeli forces have started withdrawing from Jenin camp," an army spokesman told AFP late on Tuesday night, without offering further details.

Earlier on Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the operation in Jenin was not a one-time occurrence, and that Israel would "continue as long as necessary" to engage in military operations in Jenin.

The latest raid, which began on Monday, killed 11 Palestinians and left scores wounded. Israeli forces also targeted several hospitals in the area with teargas and live rounds of ammunition.

Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz said that the military would be able to "duplicate and copy" the operation in Jenin and target anyone who "tries to harm Israeli citizens".

"We will follow him to his home, to his bedroom, arrest him and bring him to justice," he said.