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Live blog update| Occupation

Late night update

Israel’s raid on the occupied West Bank city of Jenin has killed at least 12 Palestinians as the military targeted the refugee camp and hospitals in the area, in what is one of the biggest military operations in the West Bank in years.

The offensive was widely described as one of the worst Israeli attacks on Jenin in two decades.

The Palestinian Authority’s health ministry confirmed two deaths on Tuesday, raising the total number of Palestinians killed to at least 12.

During its raid, Israeli forces also targeted hospitals, medical staff and ambulance units, according to Palestinian health minister May al-Kaila.

The minister said that Israeli forces raided the Jenin Public Hospital and opened fire, leaving three people wounded. They also raided the Ibn Sina Hospital, Kaila added.

In addition to hospitals, a Catholic church and mosque were also damaged in the raid. Photos shared online showed the church’s windows smashed, and the exterior showing evidence of damage.

Several news reports citing Israeli sources stated that Israel was beginning to withdraw on Tuesday, while Palestinian media outlets are reporting sporadic clashes with Israeli forces.

“Israeli forces have started withdrawing from Jenin camp,” an army spokesman told AFP late on Tuesday night, without offering further details.

However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that the operation was not a one-time event, adding that Israel would “continue as long as necessary” to engage in military operations in Jenin.

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