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Live blog update| Israel-Palestine war

Morning recap: Day 35

Good morning MEE readers.

Thursday night and early Friday morning was a terrifying time for Palestinians in northern Gaza, as Israeli air strikes hit hospitals including al-Shifa, the largest medical complex in the besieged enclave and where thousands of Palestinians have been seeking refuge from Israel's assault.

One of the strikes hit al-Shifa struck near the encampment where journalists were staying. The director of the hospital said there were casualties, but an exact number is not clear yet.

In case you're just tuning in to our coverage, here is what you may have missed over the past several hours:

• The Palestinian death toll currently stands at 10,812 people including 4,412 children, according to the health ministry.

• Biden is being warned by US diplomats abroad that anger is growing amongst Arab countries over American support for Israel's assault on Gaza, several diplomatic cables have revealed.

• Demonstrations and opposition to Biden's stance on the war are growing inside the US as well. More than 500 people who worked on Biden's presidential campaign have signed on to a call for a ceasefire. A major American labour union has done so, too. And demonstrations all across major US cities continue.

• Thursday served as a worldwide day of action by activists, in which they called on demonstrators to hold as many rallies and protests as possible. Organisers listed nearly 100 actions that took place on Thursday alone.

• While the US has maintained stalwart support of Israel amid its campaign in Gaza, Washington's office for Palestinian affairs issued criticism of Israel for demolishing the home of the Palestinian family of a young boy who was arrested for stabbing an Israeli border guard.

• Meanwhile, Iran's foreign minister has warned that the expansion of the scope of the war in Gaza is inevitable.