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Live blog update| Gaza Under Attack

Nine Palestinian children killed as Israeli raid hits cemetery, death toll rises to 43

In a string of air strikes across the Gaza Strip on Sunday evening, the Israeli army killed nine Palestinian children and wounded others, taking the death toll to 43 killed since Friday, including 15 children, Middle East Eye's correspondent Mohammed al-Hajjar reports.

In one blast, five boys aged between five years old and 14, were killed while they sat next to their grandfather's grave in the Falluja cemetery in northern Gaza, according to eyewitness Mohammad Sami.

"I was watching the boys after they bought something from the grocery store and then went to sit by the grave," Sami told MEE.

Four of the boys were cousins, and the fifth was their friend.

According to Sami, their names were Jameel Nejm Nejm, four or five years old, Mohamad Salah Nejm, seven or eight, Jameel Ihab Nejm, 14, Hamed Haidar Nejm, 14 or 16, and Nazmi Abu Karsh.

"They come to sit here every day. Every day," Sami said. "This is a safe area, they are used to being here."

"After the blast, I saw one of the children's fathers rush to his child before hugging him and taking him to the ambulance. He was speechless." 

In another air strike, a civilian car was hit, killing at least one person. 

Another strike killed three children, all siblings, from the al-Nabahin family, according to the Palestinian ministry of health.