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Live blog update| Gaza Under Attack
This is an entry from: Live blog: Gaza under attack

Obama defends Israel's right to self defence at White House Iftar

US President Barack Obama hosted an Iftar dinner last night, which marks the end of the daily fast for Muslims during Ramadan, during which he defended Israel's right to self defence against rocket attacks from Gaza.

Professor Tariq Ramadan, of Oxford University, posted a summary of events to Facebook, condemning Obama's invitation for Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer to speak at the meal.

"It was supposed to be a political expression of respect. It ended up being a political instrumentalisation of (voluntarily) trapped Muslim leaders listening to President Obama justify the massacre of hundreds of Palestinians, declaring Israel has the right to defend itself. One wonders what is the relationship between the Iftar celebration and Israel?"

Ron Dermer tweeted after the meal, praising the president.