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Live blog update| Israeli judicial crisis

Over 80,000 join anti-government protests in Jerusalem

Over 80,000 anti-government protesters have gathered outside the Knesset in Jerusalem, according to police sources cited in Haaretz. 

Speakers on the stage vehemently opposed legislation reforming the judiciary, calling for it to be cancelled and for a constitution to be introduced. 

Former defence minister and opposition figure Benny Gantz said: "We don't have another country, we don't have another homeland. We don't have another path, only a Jewish and democratic country."

"We call very clearly to stop this legislation. Going into negotiations, we won't compromise on one milligram of our democracy." 

police protest jerusalem israel judiciary
Police on horses watch on as thousands of protesters gather outside the Knesset in Jerusalem on 27 March 2023 (MEE/Oren Ziv)