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Live blog update| Occupation

'We were at the hospital when Israel attacked'

Middle East Eye reports from a hospital in Jenin as Israeli forces continue their raid in the occupied West Bank city, including targeting and firing near hospitals.

"We were at Jenin Government Hospital when the Israeli army attacked it with tear gas fired from soldiers and from drones," said Middle East Eye correspondent Latifeh Abdellatif.

"Tear gas was fired at least six times into the hospital despite patients being there who could be affected by the gas inhalation."

Abdellatif said that shortly after firing tear gas, Israeli forces fired live rounds in the vicinity of the hospital, which wounded at least three people. She added that there were similar attacks near Ibn Sina Hospital.

"There were many cases of people choking that were treated at the scene and some were taken to urgent care," she said.

You can read more of Abdellatif's reporting here.