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BLiNK: Will Self on the Paris Attacks - 'War rhetoric doesn’t help'

'We look to violence and to the legitimisation or illegitimisation of violence as a form of meaning in our own society,' says Will Self
Filmed and directed by William Pine and Charles B. Anthony

Celebrated author, journalist and political commentator Will Self shares his opinions on the Paris attacks. Self discusses why Paris has been the target of two attacks in less than a year, exploring the relationship between the French state and its Muslim community.

Were the atrocities in Paris an attack on French values? Why do we condemn certain types of violence but sanction others? How will the fallout of the Paris attacks impact Europe? How well are the British security services coping with the IS threat? And after claiming responsibility for three attacks over three continents in the space of two weeks, are IS now operating as a global terrorist network?

Listen to the full 16 minute interview where Will Self talks more in depth about the attacks, the motives that inspired them, the West’s response and possible solutions that don’t involve war: