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Video: Children of Gaza prepare for more violence

With renewed fighting in Gaza, residents of the strip fear for the lives of young people who face a bleak future
Gazan child holds up the remains of a destroyed toy tricycle (Noor Harazeen)

A child as old as six will have experienced three wars in Gaza.

As fighting starts up again in Gaza, many Gazans tell the Middle East Eye about their concerns at the lack of normalcy in the lives of their children.  

Father of five, Khalid Khalas, fled the Jabaliya refugee camp with his family earlier this month. They are sleeping in a four metre by four metre room at a UN school where, Khalas said, his son, Mohammed, barely sleeps.

"Since this war started and he came here, he rarely sleeps at night. Some nights, he wakes up screaming," Khalas said.

Noor Harazeen reports: