Israeli police were quick to portray an Israeli-Palestinian they killed as an IS-linked 'terrorist'. With the truth out, it's the police under fire

Meron Rapoport

When there is no right way to review the wrong laws, diversity in counter-terrorism or policing leadership doesn’t matter

Arzu Merali

Cancellation of Friends of Palestine event followed calls by pro-Israel groups for supporters to bombard universities with complaints

Ben White

Trump's cabinet would be comical if the consequences weren't so disturbing. Case and point: his new deputy assistant

CJ Werleman

The newspaper campaigned for alleged suicide bomber's release but now feigns fury over settlement for silencing the Guantanamo inmate

Richard Norton-Taylor

A final deal in Libya is impossible without Haftar, but so is one under the conditions he’s demanding. A way round must be found

Mattia Toaldo

In Astana, Geneva or elsewhere, the opposition needs to learn how to work with Russia to get the best deal possible

Mona Alami

Briton believed to have blown himself up in Iraq was once shackled and tortured, but attempts to link death to his detention are disingenuous

Moazzam Begg

The rising alliance between Zionism and anti-Semitism - not questions over Trump's many prejudices - should be our focus right now

Mairav Zonszein

The lack of attention on last week's attack only serves to convince Muslims their lives will never be regarded as equal to those in the West

Gemma Fox