By holding a referendum on independence next month, the Kurdish Regional Government is risking its crucial relationship with Turkey

David Barchard

Repressive governments want to silence Al Jazeera because it reflects the concerns, aspirations and dreams of the Arab street

Jamal Elshayyal

The upcoming referendum is more about President Barzani and the Iraqi Kurdish region’s rulers ensuring their hold on power than the aspirations of a long oppressed people

MEE contributor

A source confirms that Israel has growing ties with Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar, including carrying out strikes against IS in Sirte

Richard Silverstein

Islamic scholars have been deployed by the UAE and allies to legitimise their siege of Qatar, as well as opposition to all democratic movements in the region. But it is an uneasy fit.

Usaama al-Azami

The Trump administration’s hostile rhetoric on Iran is causing unease but on closer analysis the escalating war of words between America and the Islamic Republic is not a radical departure from the norm

Mahan Abedin

By seeking to court the leading Shia politician, the Saudi crown prince is stirring up conflict within Iraq’s Shia factions but he could be playing with fire

Madawi Al-Rasheed

By reforming its nationality law, ratifying the Refugee Convention and joining the ICC, Qatar can become a model state in the region - and protect itself from attack

Sarah Leah Whitson

China has benefitted from the bickering between Russia, US and Turkey - emerging as a dominant player in Syria in terms of political and economic diplomacy

Kamal Alam

To attempt to prosecute Blair over Iraq is deeply, wilfully perverse. It rewards barbarism masquerading as realpolitik; it rewards bad behaviour at the expense of good

James Snell