When it comes to Iran's foreign policy, the president is not a powerless puppet. The winner of Friday's election will be instrumental in shaping it

Maysam Behravesh

If implemented, deal between the Al-Muatasim Brigade and Syrian Democratic Forces would allow tens of thousands of Syrians to return home

Haid Haid

It started under Obama. Now Trump continues selling weapons to Gulf countries, signalling repression can - and will - go unchecked

Kristina Bogos

For decades, the US has pumped money into Egypt to the detriment of democracy. Trump's administration will be no different.

Muhammad Mansour

Arabs must stop waiting for Egypt, rid themselves of this irrational nostalgia for its past role and start looking towards the future

Basheer Nafi

New report questions whether an energy company developing Israeli gas reserves may also have been illegally extracting Palestinian resources

Nafeez Ahmed

A hyper-secular, Marxist organisation saving Raqqa from IS is a great script for Hollywood, but will only escalate the current crisis

Taha Ozhan

Unless the US uses its leverage with the YPG, the group's successes in northern Syria could well be reversed

Heiko Wimmen

Once colonialism lost its lustre, Zionists adopted a Eurocentric, racist model of the nation state to deny the existence of the Palestinians

Nada Elia

If Trump approves expected proposals for the three countries, the US ground combat role in the region will be extended for years to come

Gareth Porter