From Israel to Syria, Donald Trump's shortsighted foreign policy is a disaster in the making

Richard Silverstein

After the shouting match of the past week and Wednesday's talks, the sticking point remains the future of Assad's role in Syria

Jonathan Steele

Will a new $1bn Israeli border fence that will eventually surround Gaza on three sides - the sea being a fourth - spark another war?

Yossi Melman

Israel stabbed me in the heart: it not only denied me entry and separated me from my family. It also denied my right to enter my homeland

Kamel Hawwash

Israelis may not like Marine Le Pen or Geert Wilders exactly, but any advancement of anti-Muslim forces in Europe is seen as a good sign

Meron Rapoport

A Trump aide's plan to partition Libya should be replaced with a more honest conversation about decentralisation and economic power-sharing

Mattia Toaldo

Mubarak's emergency rule failed to protect Egypt from the worst terrorist attack in its history and sparked the 2011 uprising. Sisi should take heed

Muhammad Mansour

Sykes, Picot, Gorka: there's more than one way to draw lines in this sand

Katie Miranda

Western media outlets have portrayed the referendum as Erdogan's power grab, but Turkey's constitution desperately needs these changes

Ahmed al-Burai

Is Turkey following the path Russia took in weakening parliament and strengthening the presidency?

David Hearst