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Live blog update| Israel's war on Gaza

Dozens arrested at Yale University over pro-Palestine protest camp

As many as 50 people have been arrested on the campus of Yale University in the US for "aggravated trespassing" over their participation in a protest camp against the Gaza war.

According to the Yale Daily newspaper, the arrests took place on the third day of protests calling for divesting from weapons manufacturers.

“The university made the decision to arrest those individuals who would not leave the Plaza with the safety and security of the entire Yale community in mind and to allow access to university facilities by all members of our community,” a spokesperson for the university told the newspaper.

One of the protesters told the newspaper that personal belongings had been misplaced during the arrests.

“They dumped them into bags, now it seems like the cops and administration lost them because they have no idea where the belongings are. And that means medication is missing, people can’t reach out to parents, their families,” student Chisato Kimura told the News.

“The cops and administration had no plan. It’s so clear that they had no plans, they currently have no plans. It’s abysmal. I think it shows a complete lack of coordination and complete lack of care for students.”