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Live blog update| Israel's war on Gaza

Female prisoners threatened with sexual assault, subject to naked beatings

A released Palestinian female prisoner has claimed that female prisoners faced threats of sexual assault and that some were subjected to beatings which at times occurred when they were naked in prison bathrooms.

Ruqayah Amra, one of the Palestinian prisoners released as part of the truce agreement between Hamas and Israel, made the allegations during an interview with Al Jazeera Arabic TV.

She said Israeli guards would threaten prisoners, stating, “They would show us fabricated videos, but the girls would refuse to look at them. [The Israeli guards would say] look what we are going to do to you,” Amra added. “It’s something I can’t even talk about.”

Amra's allegations add to previous testimonies reported by Middle East Eye that say Israeli guards have threatened sexual assault against female inmates and assaulted them inside their cells. 

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