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Live blog update| Israel's war on Gaza

The ICJ's interim ruling: What happens next?

In its interim ruling, the International Court of Justice called on Israel to facilitate the delivery of aid into Gaza and prevent and punish incitement to genocide.

It added that Israel would be obliged to report to the court within a month on what it was doing to uphold the measures.

The court also called on Hamas and other armed groups to immediately release all the hostages they are holding.

This ruling falls short of South Africa's request for measures that would have called for a halt to all military operations in Gaza by Israel.

But what does Friday's interim ruling mean now for the war in Gaza, and will Israel adhere to it?

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What happens after ICJ's interim ruling on South Africa's case against Israel?

Palestinians in Nablus watch a livestream of the International Court of Justice delivering its interim ruling on South Africa's genocide case against Israel.