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Live blog update| Israel's war on Gaza

Israel should make Gaza look like Auschwitz - council head

A leader of an Israeli council has proposed sending all Gazans to refugee camps in Lebanon and flattening the whole Strip so it becomes an empty museum like Auschwitz.

"After October 7, instead of urging people to go south, we should direct them to the beaches. The Navy can transport them to the shores of Lebanon, where there are already sufficient refugee camps," David Azoulai, head of the Metula settlement council in Galilee, told Israel's 103FM radion station, according to the Jerusalem Post.

"Then, a security strip should be established from the sea to the Gaza border fence, completely empty, as a reminder of what was once there. It should resemble the Auschwitz concentration camp."

Azoulai continued: "The entire Gaza Strip should be emptied and levelled flat, just like in Auschwitz. Let it become a museum, showcasing the capabilities of the State of Israel and dissuading anyone from living in the Gaza Strip.

"This is what must be done. To give them a visual representation."