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Live blog update| Israel's war on Gaza

Netanyahu wants to 'thin out' Gaza by pushing population into the sea: Report

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed one of his closest aides to explore ways to "thin out" Gaza's population, the Israel Hayom newspaper reported on Friday.

According to the Israeli daily, Netanyhu instructed Ron Dermer, his minister of strategic planning and a close aide, to have a plan for the "day after" in Gaza and, if necessary, one that "enables a mass escape [of Palestinians] to European and African countries" by opening sea routes out of the strip.

The secret plan, seen by Israel Hayom, is being tightly circulated "due to its obvious explosiveness", said the report, adding that "Netanyahu sees this as a strategic goal".

The plan will aim to bypass expected US and Egyptian opposition. Unless Egypt starts shooting Palestinians crossing into the country, Cairo's "determined resistance" can be overcome, it added.

The report also foresees global outrage without outlining the repercussions for Israel.

The report also suggests that pushing Palestinians out of Gaza isn't about a "transfer" but about freeing Palestinians from the "stranglehold" of Gaza's borders.

Israel has placed Gaza under a blockade since 2007, tightly controlling how much food, water and electricity the territory receives and whether any residents can leave the strip.