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Live blog update| Israel's war on Gaza

Palestinian tribes reject Israeli plans to devolve Gaza administration

Palestinian tribal leaders in Gaza have denounced Israeli army proposals to divide Gaza into areas ruled by Palestinian tribes or clans rather than a single political entity.

“The occupying state seeks to cover up its failure in Gaza and create confusion and strife in Palestinian society,” Akef al-Masry, the commissioner-general of the Supreme Authority for Palestinian Tribes, said in a statement on Tuesday.

Masry called for an end to political divisions between Hamas and Fatah, stressing that unified national leadership was needed "to strengthen the people’s steadfastness and to prevent opportunities for all the occupation’s plans".

According to reports of the plan envisioned by the Israeli army, the tribes would look after the civil administration of the Gaza Strip and each have individual arrangements with Israel.

Israeli state broadcaster Kan News said the plan was expected to be presented to the war cabinet soon.