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Starbucks CEO calls for peace amid store vandalism, citing misrepresentation of stance

Starbucks has issued a letter advocating for peace and attributing the vandalism of its stores to "misrepresentation" about its stance.

According to the BBC, in a letter to employees, subsequently shared on the company's website, Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan didn't specifically reference the Middle East but mentioned that "conflicts in many parts" had unleashed violence, hate, lies and weaponised speech, "all of which we condemn".

"Cities around the world - including here in North America - have seen escalating protests. Many of our stores have experienced incidents of vandalism. We see protestors influenced by misrepresentation on social media of what we stand for," he said.

He added: "Our stance is clear. We stand for humanity."

Michelle Eisen, a Starbucks Worker United leader, told BBC the company was still retaliating against pro-union workers.

"Starbucks claims to want a new relationship with workers and our union, but actions speak louder than words," she said.