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Live blog update| Israel's war on Gaza

Tel Aviv school principal attacked by students for supporting Gaza children

A week after the principal of Ironi Yud Daled High School in Tel Aviv was suspended for sharing an article about the humanitarian situation in Gaza, Yael Ayalon returned to school. 

Ayalon had shared an article about the plight of children in Gaza and the limited Israeli media coverage of the war in a private Facebook post. 

Following her post, a brawl broke out during a student demonstration at the school. 

A mob of students waving Israeli flags chanted in response, "Go home", and poured water and threw objects at the principal from the windows.

The teachers' union wrote a letter to the country’s Minister of Education Yoav Kisch, calling on him to support the school principal. 

“Such public humiliation of a woman educator who leads a school could not have happened if it were not for an atmosphere that allows educators to be attacked, especially those who express an opinion that does not follow the groove,” the statement said.