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Live blog update| Israel's war on Gaza

US national security advisor Jake Sullivan rejects there's a rift with Israel

US national security advisor Jake Sullivan strongly rejected reporting in the US that there is a rift between the US and Israel.

There was speculation that US President Joe Biden’s decision to pause a single shipment of bombs due to concerns over Israel’s assault in Rafah reflected a change in administration policy. Not so, said Sullivan.

“No president has stood stronger with Israel than Joe Biden. He was the first president to visit Israel during wartime. He’s protecting Israel at the United Nations. He mobilised a coalition to directly defend Israel against an unprecedented Iranian attack. He led the bipartisan effort to pass a supplemental ensuring Israel’s defence and military edge for years to come. His commitment to Israel is ironclad. Ironclad doesn’t mean you never disagree, it means you work through your disagreements as true friends do,” Sullivan said at the daily press briefing.