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Live blog update| Israel's war on Gaza

Keir Starmer backtracks on interview defending Israeli siege on Gaza

Labour leader Keir Starmer backtracked on an interview with LBC radio station last week, in which he stated that Israel had the "right" to totally cut power and water supplies in Gaza.

During Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday, he said that “medicines, food, fuel and water must get into Gaza immediately”.

Earlier this week, a UK-based legal centre issued the Labour leadership with a notice of intention to prosecute politicians for their alleged complicity in war crimes, citing Starmer's comments on LBC. 

A spokesperson for the Labour leader said on Wednesday that Starmer had in fact been answering a previous question on Israel's right to defend itself. 

"If you listen to the tape, it was one of those things where there was overlapping questions and answers based on what had been said before, which was the specific question beforehand about Israel having the right to defend itself, which is something we have repeatedly said and stand by," the spokesperson said.