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Live blog update| Israeli Elections

Likud struggling as votes go to right-wing allies: Official

Nadav Shtreuchler, a Likud public relations officer, tells Middle East Eye that his party are getting very, very worried two hours before polls close.

"We are very worried by the voting percentage and now we're under pressure because the right-wing people are voting for the smaller parties on the right," he said.

Likud wants at least some of the vote to go to its smaller allies on the right. If a few of them don't make the 3.25 percent threshold to enter the Knesset, Netanyahu could struggle to form a coalition.

However, if Gantz's Blue and White has clearly beaten Likud, then he's far more likely to be given first crack at forming a government.

Bear in mind this information is coming from Likud's public relations office, however, and the panic could just be an electoral tactic. Time will tell.