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Live blog update| Israel's war on Gaza

Opinion: ‘Gaza has sparked a meltdown in the West's colonial mindset'

The western world remains “unmoved” by Palestinian suffering, researcher Emile Badarin argues in a column for Middle East Eye.

He writes: “Today, the western establishment and its mainstream media have returned to the Euro-colonial and racist foundations which underpinned the licence to invade, settle, and commit genocide in the Americas and elsewhere in the world since 1492.

"They employ a disturbing array of racist and dehumanising language to vilify the Palestinians and delegitimise their struggle, labelling them as ‘beasts’, ‘animals’, ‘barbaric’, ‘terrorists’, ‘evil’, ‘savages’, who are committing a ‘second holocaust’ and ‘another 9/11’ and so on.

"This discourse closely mirrors the same tropes and patterns that Europe's celebrated liberal and Enlightenment philosophers, thinkers, founding figures, and heroes used to justify the subjugation and colonisation of non-European nations worldwide over the past five centuries.”

You can read the full column below.

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A father mourns as he carries the body of a child killed in Israeli air strikes from the morgue of Al-Aqsa Hospital to be buried as Israeli attacks continue in Rafah, Gaza, on 15 October 2023 (Reuters)