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Live blog update| Israel's war on Gaza

Recap: Hamas ‘ready to release foreigners’, Israeli bombing of Rafah hinders aid efforts

Good evening Middle East Eye readers.

Today is the 10th day since the start of the war, which has pushed Gaza towards a “human catastrophe” with all water, food, aid, fuel and electricity still being cut off from the besieged enclave.

Iran has reiterated that they are ready to take action in a matter of hours and warned Israel that there could be an “expansion of war fronts” if aggression against Gaza does not end.

In Israel anger is brewing as pro-Netanyahu supporters attacked the parents of Israeli hostages who were staging a protest.

The death toll in Gaza from Israeli bombardment since the start of the war has reached 2,808. The figure includes at least 724 children and 458 women. 

The death toll in Israel has reached at least 1,300 people, while 3,400 have been wounded.

Here are some of the key developments from today.

- The spokesperson of Hamas’ Izzideen al-Qassam Brigades said that they are ready to release all foreigners without conditions. They say they are holding around 200-250 hostages and that 22 have been killed by Israeli bombardment.

- Egypt says that aid efforts have been hindered by Israel, after hundreds of tonnes of supplies were left at the Rafah crossing. The crossing was bombed for the fourth time by Israel today.

- Unicef, the United Nation’s children’s fund, says that families in Gaza have “practically run out of water” and are drinking from dirty water wells, raising concerns over water borne diseases.

- Israeli parliament was temporarily suspended after rocket sirens sounded in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

- Israeli airstrikes have killed 11 journalists and wounded 20 others since the war began, the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate said today.

We at Middle East Eye are doing our best to continue providing you with up-to-date information around the clock. Internet connectivity in Gaza has dropped by nearly half as of Friday, and we’ve lost contact with our correspondents there.

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