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Live blog update| Israel's war on Gaza

Saudi Arabia plans to host Gaza summit on Sunday, say sources 

Saudi Arabia plans to host a summit of regional countries on Sunday, aiming to unify pro-Palestinian states that ask for an immediate ceasefire, two people familiar with the issue told Middle East Eye. 

The summit is planned to take place one day after Riyadh hosts an emergency Arab League foreign ministers meeting on Palestine.

A person familiar with the Saudi plans to host a summit said that Islamic countries were divided, with some, such as Jordan, finding it hard to stand up to the US and Israel due to their over dependence on western support.

Egypt’s Cairo Peace Summit last month was a good initiative to underline the importance of a ceasefire, but western states that attended the conference blocked every move to meaningfully oppose the Israeli attacks against the civilians,” the person added. 

You can read MEE Turkey bureau chief Ragip Soylu's full report below. 

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Children holding toys and signs take part in a protest against Israel near the Israeli consulate in Istanbul on 21 October 2023 (Reuters)