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Live blog update| Occupation

SUMMARY: Death toll reaches 62, amid widespread protests

Good evening, 

Areeb here from the MEE office in London. Following continued diplomatic tensions, and protests across the West Bank, and Gaza, questions continue to mount over the prospect of a UN investigation into the deaths of 62 people killed inside the Gaza Strip. Monday also marked the bloodiest day in Gaza since 2014. 

Here are a few updates you need to know about the last two days:

  • 62 people killed over the course of the previous two days by Israel in Gaza; among the dead was an eight-month-old baby. 
  • 3,188 Palestinians injured from Israeli tear gas, rubber-tipped bullets, and live fire, according to the Gaza health ministry.  
  • America defended its decision to open an embassy in Jerusalem, and blamed Iran for "instability in the Middle East."
  • Israel expelled the Turkish envoy while Ankara kicked out the Israeli ambassador to Turkey over deaths in Gaza. 
  • Britain repeated called for a UN investigation into the Gaza deaths. 

From all of us here in London, America, and across the West Bank, Israel, and Gaza, thank you for tuning into MEE's live-blog.

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