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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Syrian rebel's surprise attack in Daraa

After rebels attacked the Syrian military's second largest brigade in Daraa, fighters told MEE that they were headed to Sweida
A screen shot from MEE's exclusive video of the aftermath of the Daraa attack (MEE/Abo Bakr Al Haj Ali)

DARAA, Syria - Syria’s armed opposition launched a surprise attack on a Syrian forces military site in the countryside of Daraa on 9 June, taking complete control of the area and pushing Syrian forces back to their positions in Sweida, southern Syria.

Several weeks ago opposition forces began planning a massive operation aimed at gaining control of the 52nd armoured brigade, the second largest brigade in Syria.

They launched their attack on Tuesday morning at 7:00 local time, resulting in heavy casualties. Within hours, opposition forces were in control of the entire area. Their success was announced hours later, at 1:30 pm local time, after the retreat of government forces.

During the battle 25 FSA fighters were killed and dozens of government forces also fell. A large number of soldiers were captured, and heavy equipment such as military and armoured vehicles and light weapons were abandoned by government forces during their retreat.