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This is how one German town welcomed a coach-load of Syrian refugees

A German town has given a heart-warming welcome to Syrian refugees fleeing conflict at home
A refugee boy looks through a window onboard a train for Serbia (AFP)

A video posted to Facebook on Tuesday showed Germans welcoming Syrian refugees to their country by cheering, waving, and offering flowers.

The 30-second clip is shot by a Syrian on a coach arriving in Oer Erkenschwick, a tiny German town north of Dortmund.

#Danke_Deutschland الالمان يستقبلون السورين بالورود شكرا من القلب لكل الشعب الالماني والحكومة المانية التي فتحت ابوابها بالابتاسامة والورود والمحبة بعكس كثير من دول العربية وشكرا من القلب للشعب الالماني Die Deutschen begrüßen das syrische Volk mit Blumen. Dafür danken wir dem deutschen Volk und der Regierung von ganzem Herzen, dass sie ihre Türen für uns öffnen im Gegensatz zu den arabischen Ländern.

Posted by Talal Abk on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Germany announced this week that it had eased rules on Syrian refugees and will allow all who arrive to remain in the country.

According to the UN at least 230,000 people have been killed in Syria's brutal civil war, although the actual death toll is believed to be higher. More than 6.5 million people out of a population of 22 million have also been displaced by the conflict.