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In pictures: Nakba Day protests

Photo diary from West Bank and Gaza as Palestinians mark Nakba Day
Children with painted white faces mark Nakba Day in Palestine (MEE/Kate Shuttleworth)

Palestinians on Thursday marked 66 years since the Nakba, or Catastrophe. 

Resistance remains a key part of Palestinian life (MEE/Kate Shuttleworth)

The concept of resistance has remained strong, with related art and slogans widely visible throughout. 

Abu Sabri a 1948 refugee (MEE/Kate Shuttleworth)

Many Palestinians still have keys to their original homes, which they have kept as a symbolic sign of ownership and the right to return. 

The symbolic Nakba key near Bethlehem (MEE/Kate Shuttleworth)

The key plays a central part in the annual Nakba protests and commemorations. 

The Israeli barrier blocks the prospect of return (MEE/Kate Shuttleworth)

The Israeli barrier that divides the West Bank has readily acted as a surface on which to paint phrases and symbols relating to the Nakba. 

The key and freedom themes are prominent in street art (MEE/Kate Shuttleworth)

Graffiti referring to 1948 is highly visible (MEE/Kate Shuttleworth)

But many others also use the concrete as a canvas.