UK hackers post swastikas and far-right frogs on billboard


Far-right hackers take over Cardiff city centre billboard to display messages on sharia law, Donald Trump and 'Big Brother'

One of the signs flashed in Cardiff's city centre (Twitter)
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Thursday 3 August 2017 13:48 UTC

Hackers gained control of a digital billboard on Cardiff's main shopping street on Tuesday to post 'warnings' about sharia law and swastikas on the big screen.  

The large screen flashed multiple images including references to sharia law, and symbols of the 'alt-right' political movement.

Swastikas on the big screen in Cardiff's city centre

Pol News Forever (Twitter)

4chan user 'Politically Incorrect' said members of the site's political discussion thread were responsible. And according to the user, "they had a little fun"...

An image showed a 'warning' that people were in a "sharia controlled zone", which apparently amounts to no alcohol, no porn and no gambling.

Another included the Orwellian message, "Big Brother is watching you".

Pol News Forever (Twitter)

Another showed an image of Donald Trump as Pepe the frog, a character which has come to be associated with the "alt-right" - more traditionally known as the far-right.

Pol News Forever (Twitter)

South Wales Police said they had received a number of calls from concerned passersby.

A Cardiff council spokesman told Wales online: "The council has contacted the company that own and operate the advertising screen. The screen was switched off at midnight on Tuesday night."

Screen operator BlowUP media UK said it was investigating the hack.

Police are launching an investigation into "any crimes which may have been committed", the BBC reported