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VIDEO: 'We only wanted freedom' says Aleppo teacher in 'last message'

Abdulkafi al-Hamdo lambasts United Nations and international community in video message from besieged rebel-held neighbourhood
Abdulkafi livestreams from one of few remaining rebel-held areas in east Aleppo

A Syrian English teacher on the run from pro-Assad forces has posted what he described as his "last" message from a besieged rebel-held neighbourhood in east Aleppo.

The shaky mobile phone footage shows Abdulkafi al-Hamdo sheltering behind a stone wall on a rubble-strewn road, rain pelting in the background as he airs his "final" thoughts to a world shell-shocked as "massacres" unfold before its eyes.

"What I want to say is, don't believe in the United Nations. Don't believe anymore in the international community... they are satisfied that we are being killed," a defeated Abdulkafi sighs.

"We wanted freedom - we didn't want anything else. This world doesn't want freedom.

"If you say you can't do anything you can, you can go out to the streets."