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WATCH: Duo inspired in Israeli prison opens first Palestinian food truck

Khaldun Rahman and Abder Rahman Bibi opened Food Train this month after serving food to inmates in an Israeli prison
Ramallah's Food Train (MEE/YouTube)

The first Palestinian food truck began rolling around Ramallah this month, opened by two friends who were inspired to start a free-wheeling business during nearly 10 years in an Israeli prison.

Several years ago, Khaldun Rahman and Abder Rahman Bibi were serving food to inmates when the idea to start the Food Train was sparked.

“I always liked cooking, and I wanted a business, but more importantly I needed to feel freedom," said Abder, who said he was jailed after a shooting involving Israeli authorities in East Jerusalem.

The duo designed their business - including their eco-friendly truck - in prison, watching tutorials online and garnering inspiration from all over the world.

To be energy independent, said Abder, the food truck relies on four solar panels. “You either have to be plugged in somewhere for the fridge and the stove to be powered, or use a generator. That makes noise and may smell a bit," he said.

"So we asked experts to explain to us how we could avoid these issues, and they helped us to design the food truck, including the solar panels."

At $40,000, initial costs to launch their business were high, but the friends are confident - given popular demand and customers who line up into the wee morning hours - that they will be able to pay for their investment costs within a year.