All that the US president cares about is making deals and that does not include human rights or democracy

Richard Silverstein

A country that harbours a giant, undeclared nuclear arsenal and has for decades engaged in all manner of conventional brutality is in no position to be lecturing Lebanon

Belen Fernandez

The new Iraqi president is a sophisticated and experienced personality who knows Iraq's complexities and shortcomings all too well

Marco Carnelos

If the Saudi regime has murdered Khashoggi, Mohammed bin Salman will be confirmed as the head of a rogue state deploying murderous strategies outside its borders

Madawi Al-Rasheed

The journalist thought that, wherever he was, it was his duty to speak out and call for reform in Saudi Arabia. He paid with his life

David Hearst

As the threat of demolition looms, dozens of village residents are left facing an uncertain future

Angela Godfrey-Goldstein

The Algerian singer's life was defined by his uncompromising political stand in solidarity with oppressed groups, wherever they may be

Malia Bouattia

If further investigations into the abuses ascertain that war crimes were committed, responsibility will be pinned on the chains of command of the Arab coalition forces

Barbara Bibbo

The Israeli government has filed a litany of complaints about anti-Israel posts on social media sites, succeeding in a vast majority of cases

Richard Silverstein

The crown prince and his circle could not stomach that journalist Khashoggi was honest, spoke his mind and could not be bought

David Hearst