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In pictures: Gaza's media workers fall victim to Israeli strikes

In his photo gallery, Hosam Salem pays tribute to tragic fate of Palestinian media workers as his camera lens captures the mourning of four of their families
Ahed Zaqoot, a journalist for al-Kitab channel, was killed as a result for targeting his house in al-Nasser neighbourhood in Gaza city. (MEE/Hosam Salem)
Seventeen Palestinian who worked in the field of media have been killed during Israel's 51-day military offensive against the Gaza Strip. Their names are:

1) Hamed Abdullah Shihab - 24 Media
2) Najla Mahmoud al-Haj - Media and social activist
3) Khalid Hamad - Continue Media Production
4) Abdul Rahman Ziad Abu Hin - al-Kitab TV channel
Ezzat Duheir - Radio correspondent of both Prisoners and Liberty radios, he is also a member of the governing body of the Palestinian Youth Media Rally in Rafah
Bahauddin Quraib - Palestine TV
Ahed Zaqqot - Sports journalist
8) Rami Rayan - 
Palestinian Network for Media
Sameh al-Arian - al-Aqsa Satellite Channel
Mohammed Daher - Editor in al-Resalah institution
Abdullah Fahjan - Sports journalist for Sada al-Malaeb website and al-Aqsa Sports
Khaled Hamada Mqat - Director of Saja news website and a member of the Palestinian Youth Media Rally in northern Gaza
Shadi Hamdi Ayad - Freelance journalist
Mohammed Noureddine al-Deeri - Photojournalist in the Palestinian Network
Ali Shehda Abu Afash - Doha Centre for Media
Simone Camilli - Italian journalist and photographer in the Associated Press
Abdullah Fadel Murtaja - Previously worked as a journalist at al-Aqsa TV and al-Shehab Agency

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